We offer a wide of services to help cafe’s/restaurants and other on-premises licences.

How can we help?

Apply for a new liquor licence – We can sit down and explain all of the different types of licences/authorities available in NSW and recommend what will suit your style of business.  We can prepare and lodge all of the paperwork on your behalf, and liaise with the Authority to ensure that the application progresses with a minimum of delay.

Dealing with the Liquor and Gaming Authority can be a daunting and difficult process.  Our ex-OLGR staff have the experience and knowledge to submit your application the right way so that it is processed with a minimal of fuss or delay.

Pre-purchase Inspections – Are you considering buying a business with an existing liquor licence?  Are you sure that the business is trading in accordance with the development consent, and liquor licence?  Are there any restrictions that will affect your future plans?  Is there pending enforcement action that will have a negative effect on the business?  Liquor and Gaming Solutions can help!

Add, Remove, or Change a Liquor Licence condition – Do you still have conditions on your liquor licence from 1955, or the wording of a condition just doesn’t make sense?  Let us help you with the consultation process to vary a liquor licence, and we will do all of the paperwork for you.  We will liaise with the Authority on your behalf to ensure your application is considered with a minimum of delay.

Redefine the boundaries of the licenced premises  – Are you renovating?   We can help move or change the boundaries of your liquor licence.

Community Impact Statement – Are you required to conduct a Community Impact Statement?  We can help.

Change of Licensee – We can handle all of the paperwork for a change of licensee, or assist you to make the transition to approved managers.

Plans of Management / Risk Assessments – Plans of management for the venue, or a single event.  We have qualified staff available to prepare risk management plans.

Signage – You have just renovated the venue and it looks fantastic, now you have to stick the regulatory signage back up.  We can install framed signage in a variety of options to suit your venue.   We will even provide a free signage audit (by ex-OLGR staff) who can tell you what signs need to be displayed where.

Compliance Audit – We can do a “one off” compliance audit of your venue to test your compliance with the Liquor & Gaming legislation.  At the completion of the audit you will receive a comprehensive report which identifies what we checked, and any items that need attention.  All of our compliance auditors are former OLGR Inspectors with extensive experience.