We offer a wide of services so that Registered Clubs can get on with the business of delivering even better services to their members and the wider community.

Compliance Audit – We offer a “one off” compliance audit of your club to test your compliance with the Liquor & Gaming legislation (see footnote *1 ).  At the completion of the audit you will receive a comprehensive report which identifies what we checked, and any items that need attention.  All of our compliance auditors are former OLGR Inspectors with specialist club knowledge.

Ongoing Compliance Program – We have a range of packages available to conduct regular audits of your club for compliance with the Liquor and Gaming legislation (see footnote *1 ).  We will develop compliance tools for your staff to maintain compliance levels, and provide expert advice on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis.  We can develop a flexible program to suit your needs at prices well below the Clubs NSW Club Safe program.

Advice to the CEO – Independent and confidential advice on any compliance issue at the club.  The staff at Liquor and Gaming Solutions can provide advice and solutions for a broad range of issues.  With over a decade of liquor and gaming experience, we can offer advice about how other venues have overcome issues in the past.

Liquor and Gaming Solutions cannot provide legal advice, but we can let you know if  we think you need some legal advice.  We also have an extensive network of contacts and give honest recommendations. 

Advice to the board of directors From time to time the Board of Directors may need independent and confidential advice on a matter concerning the clubs governance, general compliance, constitutional issues, disciplinary issues, etc.  Liquor and Gaming solutions have expert staff available to help.

Club Governance – We can help clubs meet their obligations under the Registered Clubs Act and Co-Operatives National Legislation. Liquor and Gaming Solutions can review your current governance and reporting systems and provide recommendations and quotes as required.

Constitutional Reform We can help with everything from developing a new constitution, presenting the amendments to the members, and registering the new documents with the Authorities.

Change Management – Sometimes, for what ever reason, a change of management needs to occur at a Registered Club.  We can assist the club through this difficult time and provide reports and advice to the incoming manager to ensure that the club is not exposed to undue risks.

Noise Disturbance Complaints – Liquor and Gaming Solutions can provide intermediaries to help manage noise disturbance complaints.  We can also offer a range of affordable noise reduction measures.

Investigations – We have trained investigators available to assist with your inquiry.

Crisis Management – Sometimes through unexpected circumstances your club may come to the attention of the industry regulators for all the wrong reasons.  This can often be a difficult and daunting process.  Our experienced staff can liaise with regulators and offer practical alternative solutions to minimise the negative effects on your business.  We will do everything we can to assist to get you back to running your venue safely.

Plans of Management / Risk Assessments – Plans of management for the venue, or a single event.  We have qualified staff available to prepare risk management plans.

Training – We provide a range of training programs for clubs, or we can develop suitable training to meet your needs.  We are not a registered training organisation (yet), so we cannot deliver RSA or RCG training.


* 1  Registered Clubs Act and Regulations, Liquor Act and Regulations, Gaming Machines Act and Regulations, Gaming and Liquor Administration Act and Regulations, Public Lotteries Act and Regulations, and the Lotteries and the Art Unions Act and Regulations (collectively referred to hereafter as liquor and gaming legislation).