Liquor and Gaming Solutions can assist you in the following area’s or click on one of the tabs to the right for more specific information.

Starting a new business.  From a small cafe to a Hotel or Club, Liquor and Gaming Solutions can make the application process easy and painless. 

Changing your existing business. Do you need some help to change the boundaries of your licenced premises, change your trading hours, add or remove a condition from your licence, or just change the licensee?  Are you confused about how to conduct a Community Impact Statement?  What ever the changes, we can help. 

Pre-purchase Inspections.  Are you considering purchasing a business with an existing liquor licence?  Are you sure that the business is trading in accordance with the development consent, and liquor licence?  Are there any restrictions that will affect your future plans for the site? 

Compliance Auditing.  Liquor and Gaming Solutions have former OLGR Inspectors available to conduct audits to ensure you are complying with the Liquor and Gaming Legislation? We can help develop an ongoing compliance program to suit your needs, or conduct a “one off” check up if you prefer.

Special Events.  Do you need a liquor licence for a special event?  There are many different categories of liquor licence which may suit your requirements, and some non-profit organisations can trade without the need for a licence.  Let us cut through the red tape for you.  We can also help put you in contact with the required stakeholders, and provide signage and staff if required.

Liaison with the Authorities.  Sometimes through unexpected circumstances your business may come to the attention of the industry regulators.  This can often be a daunting and difficult process.  Our experienced staff can liaise with regulators and offer practical alternative solutions to minimize the negative effects on your business.  We will do everything we can to assist to get you back to running your venue safely.

Plans of Management / Risk Management.  Does your venue or event need assistance writing a plan of management or risk management plan?  Do you have the processes in place, but you are having trouble converting the things you instinctively do into written plans.  The staff at Liquor and Gaming Solutions have extensive experience planning and running events, and we know what information the Authorities need.  

Neighborhood / Noise complaints.  Having trouble resolving a neighborhood dispute or noise complaint.  Liquor and Gaming Solutions can assist to resolve the issues and get you back to running your business.

Training.  Liquor and Gaming Solutions have a range of training programs for pubs and clubs, or we can develop suitable training to meet your needs.  We are not a registered training organisation (yet), so we cannot deliver RSA or RCG training.

Not finding what you want? Reach out directly through our Contact Us page.  If we can’t help you, maybe we can recommend somebody who can.