Liquor and Gaming Solutions can offer training packages for your staff on a range of topics.  These are some of the training package we have available now, but we are developing new course all the time.  We can develop a training course to suit the needs of your venue.

Front line liquor operations – A valuable training course for staff working in bar management roles.  Learn about speaking with Police and OLGR, common offences in pubs and clubs, persons who fail to quit the venue, fake identification, dealing with minors, management of intoxicated patrons, and much more. (full day course)

RSA Marshals –  Learn the difference between licenced security work, and the role of an RSA Marshal.

Detecting Fake ID – Learn about what fake identification looks like, and see what the latest trends in the industry are.  Understand the legislation relating to Minors, and how to work with Police to tackle this issue.

We are not a registered training organisation, so we do not offer RSA or RCG training at the moment.